3. Krista

Krista walked into the church with two elementary-aged boys beside her, a one-year-old on her hip, and an infant in a carrier like it was nothing. Not much makes her sweat these days. She got the kids settled in another room while we went to start her interview, then we saw her husband drive into the parking lot straight from work on a Friday night. While she talked to us, he went in to feed the baby and watch the other kids play. His long day at work followed by a commute didn't stop him from coming to do his part. From the outside looking in, that seems to be the way they survive. Partnership. Sacrifice. And a commitment to finding humor in everything. 

Although they'd never tell you this, Chris and Krista have every excuse not to love others well. They lavish love on all their kids- through birth, adoption, and foster care. That situation alone is enough to keep them quite busy, and on many days, beyond exhausted. But they're also the first to set up meals for a family in crisis. They're quick to coordinate donations for a friend's new foster placement. They don't allow their own struggles to affect how they love people.

They see a need, and they ask how they can help. It's just who they are.

Although Krista is passionate about foster care, she knows not everyone is in a position to open their home. She also knows some potential foster parents are held back by fear. Because of their willingness to share and advocate, multiple families have started fostering after watching Chris and Krista's journey.

"I think when people can see how things play out in your own home and how God carries you through the situations you might encounter through loving people in hard places, it gives people the courage to do that in their own homes."

What you can do:

  • Take a meal. This is new baby tired on steroids.
  • See if there is anything you can pick up for the newly-placed child or teenager. Most come into care with nothing.
  • Learn the foster child's name. Call or text the foster parents to check on the child by name.
  • Encourage foster parents any chance you get. Just a supportive word means so much!
  • Ask when you can help with child care so the parents can get a break. 

Love is contagious. Let's start an epidemic.